Christmas 2020 Collection



 The holiday season is a time for giving, as we come together to share gifts that express our affection, gratitude, and love.

This holiday season, SABON’s new collection invites you and your loved ones to explore an entire universe of gifts – a magical fairy kingdom full of cherished childhood memories.

Inspired by the timeless tale of the Nutcracker, where a special gift becomes a young girl’s gateway to an enchanting fantasy land, this collection unveils a wondrous new world.

In SABON’s magical kingdom, opening each gift is like opening a storybook, revealing vivid colors, blissful fragrances, and charming treats that weave a spell of love and happiness.

From the smallest detail to the most spectacular gift, the new collection transforms every holiday into memorable moments of wonder, surprise, and discovery.
All gifts are beautifully presented in exquisite boxes, wrapped with entrancing blue silk paper and satin ribbon.

This holiday season, embrace your inner child, discover the MAGICAL KINGDOM OF GIFTS, and make all your festive dreams come true.