Olive Oil

The unique product series utilizes the qualities of fruit, olive tree leaves and the fine extra virgin oil to pamper the body at home.


The unique formula is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and omegas which, used jointly, give the skin moisture, softness and smoothness, increase its elasticity and assist in slowing down the aging process; the oil helps to nourish and moisturize, the butter produced from the olive oil is effective in fighting lines and keeping the skin elastic, young and fresh while the olive leaves essence protects against the sun and its damage. The series scent binds us to nature, to earth and to the olive tree roots, leaving in its wake green fragrance seductive and fresh. The scent of Neroli and citrus, spiced with lavender and rosemary can be detected at its base.


The Olive Oil Line connects us to the great force of nature, to Mother Earth and to the roots of each and every one of us. It brings us the magic of creation and provides us with an opportunity to enjoy the gentleness, qualities and riches of olive oil.