For Home

The space we live in defines us and borrows our personality. As personal care has a unique style we have adopted, the objects and fragrance of our home is a part of us. Following this idea, we developed collections for our personal space, products that breath the one-of-a-kind air of SABON.
Throughout the years, SABON has created a wide variety of fragrances that set an unforgettable atmosphere. The fragrances are selected very carefully from the best sources around the world. Explore our home… Learn more
Our candles are made of natural wax and of essences extracted from plants. The candle snuff is made of high quality material, which will not burn or produce smoke. Learn more
Our accessories are elements that you must have in your home and bath. These accessories will provide a unique atmosphere to your home and a special touch for your interior design. Explore our wide range of… Learn more
All decorations give style and accent to their place. Following the same SABON design line, our mirrors, frames and glass objects complete and unify the personal space of the room. Learn more
Our ceramic products are handmade and unique. These products are a must for any interior space, in order to complete a wonderful vibe; they will provide a unique atmosphere for your space and a special touch for… Learn more
The personal use or home textiles are made of natural fiber, in warm colors and follows the SABON decoration design line. Learn more