Face Care

Our Face Care products incorporate several collections, each one to answer specific needs, including creams, masks, eye creams, lip balm, all of them suitable for the different seasons of the year, the types of skin and outdoors or indoors life rhythm. And let΄s not forget our special Carrot face moisturizer! A real favourite among our customers.
Moreover among our collections you can find:
The Anti-Pollution Collection created to protect your face from the effects of everyday΄s life on your face skin, whether is the cold weather, the sun, the smog of the cars and public transportation, these products will treat and prepare your skin to protect itself from the effects of today΄s air, based on Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Shea Butter, to sooth and nurture the skin.
The Anti-Aging Collection is more specific to those of you who feel the need to start provide your skin with the benefits that natural and botanical minerals and oils can offer you, by helping your skin stay young, smooth and revitalised.
The Dead Sea Collection also presents a couple of Face Care products, and as its name states, is based on those famous Dead Sea salts and minerals that simultaneously cleanse, peel and treat your face skin, keeping smooth and nourished.
Try and see which one fits you most!