Whenever you enter a Sabon space, you are invited to press pause on the outside world. Sabon’s invites those who pass throug hour gates to immerse yourself in an exciting and life-enhancing array of scents and surprises.


Sabon’s products are made of best-possible ingredients,and they are created to meet the highest international standards. Great attention is given to components and combinations, and every last detail of how everything looks and feels, with constant and uncompromising attention to nature and the environment.


Sabon is known for its innovation, and attention to trends, thanks to our world-leading handmade soaps sold by weight, and the development of special fragrances, and the design of unique product packages as well as the packaging themselves. All these small details create an exciting experience that invites you into the Sabon world. 



The Sabon world is a sensual one, a place where scent, touch, and how you feel, are of paramount importance. Aromas and can be a personal and meaningful way of expressing our personalities, and what we wear on our skin can be more important than any garment, affecting our mood, our individuality and our sensuality.


Each unique Sabon scent collection is carefully created from highest-quality aroma extracts from around the world, by an international perfume expert. Careful consideration is given to every ingredient, and we love nothing more than find for inspiring and exciting new blends and combinations to share with you.


When Sabon introduces uplifting scents such as patchouli-lavender-vanilla they soon rank among the world’s most desirable aromas– and this unique fragrance still captivates hearts everywhere.


Sabon wants each and everyone of you to find your own cherished scent which reflects your personality and enhances your mood and outlook, and we want you to be able to enjoy this scent care of a special  series of products for body and home. This aroma will complement your lifestyle, and become part of your identity, and enhance all that you do.


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