Sabon Commitments



Superior-quality cosmetic products lovingly made with natural and effective ingredients – this is the hallmark of the Sabon brand. We scour the world to find the best possible sources, and then our formulas are manufactured to the highest levels conforming to the most stringent international standards. Herbs, flowers, essential oils and extracts from the Amazon Rainforest to the Dead Sea are some of the ingredients that set our SLS- and paraben-free products apart from the rest. And ourattention to detail doesn’t end there: our stylish packaging materials (including paper, metal and glass), are not just pretty, but are recycled or recyclable where possible.


Animal Testing

Sabon does not test, and never has tested, any of our products on animals.


We are always keen to ensure our customer service meet thehighest standards, so all around the world, our team members are trained to superior industry standards. In order to help us maintain best practice, we always welcome any questions, ideas and complaints regarding our products and services. We appreciate favourable and unfavourable feedback and we have a department dedicated to processing your comments – we will always do everything we can to help ensure you get a prompt reply.


Sabon Values



Have you ever visited a Sabon shop? If you have, you’ll know that the atmosphere and experience in our stores is unique. There’s the scent of rose tea and lavender apple, the soft twinkling light from the chandeliers and the romantic rustic-deluxe furniture – our environments are wonderfully stylish and super soothing on the soul. Where better to sample our luxurious hand soaps, luscious lotions and sumptuous body oils than here with us in person?



Enjoy the enchanting feeling of Sabon in one of our shops and you’ll discover that even washing your hands with Sabon products can be a special and uplifting experience. Choose one of our delicious, natural fragrances, and we promise to give your hands aspa-like scrub and smooth like nowhereelse. You could say we have a magic touch…



At Sabon we believe in all-sensory experiences. Scent, touch, and lighting – we consider every sense in all that we create and do.



We may all define luxury differently, but whatever your taste, we are sure that you’ll love the look and feel of our retail environments and also every Sabon experience, from the ambience in our actual shops, to the way we lovingly wrap your gifts.


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